Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD),
Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities
National Research Foundation (NRF), Singapore,
Ministry of National Development (MND), Singapore
"One thing that strikes me is that the report has many interesting visuals but NONE of them is a pure art or embellishment just to brighten the pages; every image is information in itself, contribution to what the report is saying - I love this fact."

The Singapore University of Technology and Design has a paper on how the cities going to look like in the future with technology. It described different scenarios on work, education and healthcare in 2040.

We are glad to help out on the illustration part of the paper. We took different initials of each scenario, and visualised it with human figures and scenes to help audiences easily understand each scenario. We used a 3D perspective bird-eye view to let audiences see each scenario as one big picture, like a SIM city. The three different pastel colour tones: blue, green and orange, give a futuristic feeling, suggesting these scenarios are happening in another space - the future.


GDP scenario: Teacher teaches practical subjects like city planning, architecture... for the cities.

ROI scenario: Teaching traditional subjects like lawyer, doctors, bankers...that are high pay in the future.

HAM scenario: The future of education in the form of learning through literature, drama, movies and gaming.

#YOLO scenario: Learning through hobbies and interests.


ROARING REVOLUTIONS scenario: People are pushing ourselves so hard for higher position and salary. Technology helped us in different stages so we can focus on single tasks.

DARK DAYS scenario: No work to do, companies close down, citizens are blaming each other.

STEADY SPINS scenario: Fast follower by adapting other people's business model in order to achieve success. However the result is usually low in profit and hard to survive.

SPLINTERING STRUGGLES scenario: A lot of tasks done by technology and people end up working on nano tasks. They have to fight for it as there are not much jobs in the market.


NAG scenario: A centralised healthcare system to monitor our health. But we are working so hard that our bodies are burning out.

NOPE scenario: People are busy at work and not attracted to any healthcare products and services.

NUFF scenario: People are very motivated to keep up their health and they are so interested in different high tech medical gadgets. What a positive world.

NUDE scenario: Centralised data storage allows anyone to access your healthcare data. Friends and families can challenge your health. Technology improved you got to know everything around the world, you can even challenge doctor's judgment.

Singapore University of
Technology and Design
Living Digital 2040: Future of Work, Education, and Healthcare
[Illustrating the future in a neutral way]