We have more than 100 clients since 2005. Some of them have became long term partnership. Our project scope are from single, local project to global branding, campaigns.

By approaching to different range of clients, we learn from various aspects and share their expertise to improve in other industries.

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[...By defining the new brand story, you give the brand a life. The logo, colour, graphic, tone... everything comes together with reasons now! Not to mention the aesthetic and style, I can see lots of potentials in expanding the business now.]
[...You created an outstanding event for MINI... all of you were highly motivated and dedicated to realize a successful exhibition. I believe the cooperation project was beneficial and a great success for both sides and showed how productive such a partnership can be...]
Happiest Bits Exhibition
[...I often think, at least 3 times a day, how much of a genius you are. We are so proud of the work we produce, we couldn’t do it without you. You contribute so much to us, we couldn’t imagine the project without you in it. Looking forward to learning from you every day and doing amazing work...]
Standard Chartered
ExploreYou Campaign
[...Thanks to the can-do spirit and unwavering dedication of your team, we pulled it off!!!... Please definitely relay our thanks to your team! Their creativity and great work in beginning to dazzle folds beyond Engineering. Other departments are asking about this our website!!...]
Cathay Pacific
20/20 Vision Campaign
[...I have been thinking about how to say thank you for what you helped me pull off... Every detail - from the purple colour, to the graphics on my decks, to the merchandising end to end process!...]
Ralph Lauren
Curating Greatness Campaign
[...from design concept generation, online promotion ideas brainstorming, to poster and print ad production… together we have not only delivered an interesting and remarkable campaign, equally important is that our team did enjoy working with you all and we have fun during the whole process...]
Oxfam Hong Kong & Macau
Rice Campaign
[...You’ve offered really great help to our project throughout the past two years, and there has been soooooo many praises about your nice designs. Even the government brings their guests to visit our exhibition at Maritime Museum. Thanks for making our project so successful!]
WWF Hong Kong
Coastal Watch Campaign
[...One thing that strikes me is that the report has many interesting visuals but NONE of them is a pure art or embellishment just to brighten the pages; every image is information in itself, contribution to what the report saying - I love this fact...]
Singapore University of Technology and Design
Living Digital 2040 Project
[...Through hard work, sheer force of personality and passion your team contributed to turn a simple fundraiser into more than $76,000 USD for charity and from the very top of the organization, and throughout the Bank, everyone was just blown away by the amazing effort that made the event happen...]
Standard Chartered
Gradtitude Exchange