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After 3 years, we were able to fundraise 60% of the total amount needed by following to our strategic planning from the start. We have segmented the total amount into different precentages from big donor donations, events, crowdfunding and sovenir sales. We have also launched different donation schemes to suit different levels of donations for the very first time for this school. But due to social unrest and covid-19, the campaign has been stopped in 2019-2021.

In 2016, The revitalization of Delia’s Wing supports the enhancement of programs offered at the School in the areas of academics, athletics and aesthetics. Attributes such as creativity, innovation, and skills for critical thinking, communication and collaboration are necessary for 21st century success as we are experience a complex and rapidly changing world.

Providing an enriched and diverse learning experience for all students encompassing academics, athletics, and aesthetics develops their talents, their confidence, and their abilities is always the mission of Good Hope School.

The fundraising logo design concept was inspired by the signature mosaic tiles artwork, Delia’s Dream, at the entrance of Delia’s Hall. It is the most meaningful and classic piece of element in Delia’s Wing. Every hoper remembers.

By using the style of mosaic tiles to create the word “Revitalised”, it implies the unity of all good hopers, the power of working together to form one big picture, which is the fundraising project. It also emphasises the importance of every single one of us in participating in the project.

We used moasic tile grid format for different adaptations to bring consistency throughout the brand.

The colour palette used in the logo were specifically picked from Delia’s Dream artwork to enhance our feeling and bonding towards Delia’s Wing. The colour palette also gives a delightful and hopeful impression to the fundraising project and the new infrastructure that is going to be built.

Delia's Dream, created in 1984, was a signature artpiece in the old Delia's Wing. Every students who have been there must remember this notable moasic.

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