Good Hope School

2019-2020 marked the 65th anniversary of Good Hope School. To celebrate this special year, the School was holding an Anniversary Gala Banquet, ‘Hopers As ONE’, in November 2019.

We've brainstormed, "Hopers As ONE", as the theme of the gala banquet to call for all ages of Good Hope community to join the banquet. It is also a time to work together and be together in such a remarkable event. The banquet is going to be a grand and premium event. To give this feeling, we suggested the white, copper with dark green colour tone. We used hand drawn graphics to show the message of a decent banquet. This style can be easily accepted from age of 3 to 80.

The 65th anniversary logo is designed as the brand for the year. With a little hyphen in-between the "6" and "5", it also implied the "G" and "H" in the logo, meaning "Good Hope". Serif typography was used to create the prestige feeling and to match with the atmosphere of the gala dinner.

For the souvenir, we designed four premium limited edition souvenir to celebrate the unity, joy and elegant of Good Hopers. They are the porcelain tea set, watch, hoodie and dolls. The porcelain tea set incorporated 65 Good Hope related graphics. No graphics are repeated. While the hoodie and watch are in a stylish approach for daily wear purpose.

Hopers As One
Good Hope 65th Anniversary
Gala Banquet
[A celebration of life-long nurturing]