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We were able to raise over HK$1.3 million in this funfair which is 2-3 times of a normal secondary school funfair in Hong Kong. It was the first ever event hold by the school that can attract over 3,000+ audiences to attend including current student and parents, alumnae and friends of Good Hope School.
The school had received so many positive feedbacks about the excitement and enjoyment people had. We were able to change the tradition mind set of the negative feeling about fundraising into a fun-filled event.
International Design Awards, 2017
— Honourable Mention in Graphic Design, Other Graphic Designs

Good Hope School hold the first ever funfair on 9th July 2017, aiming to engage all Good Hopers and fundraise for the InterMission: Delia's Wing Revitalised project.

We branded the event as a fun-filled event with over 30+ game booths designed by students, food and drinks stalls, Russian dolls drawing and cooking workshops, drama, dancing and singing performances... We've also prepared over 10,000+ gifts for people to redeem for every 5 stamps they collect. There are also free school-branded small souvenirs like pens, key chains, stickers to give out during the funfair. The poster design gave a preview of all these activities and was able to project a fun and exciting feeling by using bright colours and detail illustrations. There are 60 figures drawn in the poster to imply the 60th anniversary of Good Hope School (Secondary Section).

People can buy tokens in order to play games and buy snacks. The token are specially designed like an amusement park token to increase the consumer desire.

Not to mention the biggest part in boosting the fundraising amount, we've worked with some secondary students and designed 13 limited edition school-branded souvenirs for sale. We would like to create a shopping behaviour to the audiences as most of them are female. The souvenirs are priced from HK$5 to HK$500, from stationery to fashion accessories, targeting different age group.

Besides, we've added a Russian dolls auction due to the popularity of the Russian doll drawing workshop. We've invited 10 alumnae from the art and design field to draw different sets of Russian dolls that are related to the school. Each set has a wooden package with artist signed certificate.

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