WWF Hong Kong,
Quality Education Fund (QEF)
Hong Kong

Sponsored by Quality Education Fund (QEF), WWF Hong Kong has a goal in bringing sustainable living into primary school education in Hong Kong.

We helped out to create 2 booklets on sustainable living and biodiversity, with posters and some related materials to help teachers to understand this topic easily, and to teach their students. We've included lots of photos and diagrams to explain specific details and knowledge, there are also workshop resources so teachers can use it for teaching the students.

We used watercolour and more kids style to illustrate some diagrams to give a lively and attractive look to the project. For the layout design, we used irregular shapes, circles and curvy grid to make the content more dynamic and interesting. Inspired by the alphabet flash cards, the cover design included drawings of different objects to create an interactive conversation with kids in guessing the objects.

WWF Hong Kong
QEF Campaign
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