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The average amount of marine litter collected by the Hong Kong government every year would fill 3,750 four-tonne garbage trucks! Cleaning up beaches is not enough to tackle the widespread problem of marine litter in Hong Kong. WWF Hong Kong, partnered with Environmental and Conservation Fund (ECF), created this "Sea Without Litter" campaign in 2017 aiming to educate businesses and members of the public and to look for long-term solutions.

We were pleased to be invited again to work with the WWF Hong Kong after the success of the Coastal Watch campaign in 2013-2016. Agreed by both client and us, it is the best to create a look and feel that are similar to the Castal Watch campaign, like a sequel. So we used the blue colour tone again and carry on with the infographic and icons we created in the Coastal Watch campaign.

We created garbage bin stickers with simple graphics so even people from low educational level can understand it.

WWF Hong Kong:
Sea Without Litter
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