The Pawn
Hong Kong

The Pawn is a restaurant complex spreads over three-storey and incorporates a living room, dining room and a rooftop garden serving modern British fare.

The Pawn of Deception is a New Year’s Eve party held by The Pawn in 31 December 2011. Located in Wan Chai, Hong Kong, The Pawn targets the middle to high-level guest. The New Year’s Eve party is their first event of normal dining and catering function. The project aims to decorate the site with the theme, James Bond 007, and to give a total different experience and an incredible night to the guest.

We help to create the venue design and decoration. Each level is renovated into James Bond related name as a gimmick to the theme: Skyfall Roof Garden, Club Q, Le Casino Royale... We also design a set of menu cards, tent cards, signage, ticket and even fake money for the casino level.

The Pawn:
The Pawn of Deception
New Year's Eve Party 2011
[The romance of James Bond]