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Ralph Lauren has once commented on the project with “I’m inspired!”.

In 2013, Ralph Lauren Merchandising Team hold a offsite event for all the management level employees from around the world to come to Hong Kong and attend a 3 day event for launching their new "GREAT" strategy. The event was a success and in 2014, they wanted to create a similar event again in Hong Kong but with different experiences.

We are glad to design the visual identity for the event again. To leverage what we created the year before, we created "The Sequel" theme for the event.

This time, we hand made the invitation in a fashion moodboard idea and sent to the top 30 VIPs around the world. Each of them has a handwritten name on it. We also set 3 different themes that fit into different lines of Ralph Lauren for the 3 days:

Day 1: The Hamptons
Day 2: Americana
Day 3: Hollywood Glamour

Attendees have to follow the dress codes to attend three different days. We carefully picked 3 different locations for the event; they are Duddell's terance, The Foreign Correspondents' Club and Kee Club. We touched up the venue with different props and flowers.

We also created related materials for the event, like a treasure map for them to split up into different places in Hong Kong to explore, an inspiration booklet for them to drop notes and bring back to their own countries, a small leaflet explaining the new strategy.

To engage the attendees, we also prepared 6 awards of best dresses. Winners will get a bottle of champagne with custom-made label on it.

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