The "Star" Ferry
Hong Kong

Star Symphony is an arts and culture campaign with the old and new of The "Star" Ferry. With the long heritage of the company and a signature icon of Hong Kong, we are hoping to create the campaign identity that can arouse happy memories for everyone.

The logo design plays around with the signature "star" mark in their logo and on the seat. We incorporated the old and new elements into the typography, created a unique font type for this campaign. All the vowels, the old essence, are in serif while other alphabets are in san-serif, the new and future.

For the KV design, we included some signature elements of Star Ferry, such as the half green and half white colour tone, lifebuoy, convertible bench, spray paint wordings, handicraft texture, the toll gate... These are all different frames of moments when we take the ferry. The dynamic KV illustrated the rhythm of wave, mimicking the sailing of the Star Ferry and creating some fun and excitement to the campaign.
Star Symphony Campaign Identity
[Frames of collective moments]