Sheraton Hotels & Resorts
International Design Awards, 2020
— Silver in Graphic Design, Print-Collateral Material

We helped to design the Laisee (red packets) for the year of 2020 for Sheraton Hotels in Hong Kong, China, as well as worldwide.

We thought of the theme "The infinity World" to go along with their motto, "Where The World Comes Together". By using optical illusion, creating an infinity world to imply the merging of different culture all together.

The standard version in bright red colour, consists of the Chinese word of "luck". It is designed to look like a maze. For the VIP version, we used burgundy colour paper to give a luxury feeling. The Sheraton crest is in the middle with some gold ingot and coin graphic running through the surrounding lines. Besides the gold colour, prosperous colours like green of jade and purple of royal are also used for some of the lines. Both paper choices have a rubbery texture in contrasting the gold lamination. You can feel the attention in details when touching it.

For the VIP packaging set, we used a metallic brown colour paper that matches the brand colour of Sheraton, and designed a wallet like folder to carry these lucky money.

Sheraton Hotels & Resorts
Red Packets Design
[Coming together to the infinity world]