Shanghai Yu Yuan
International Design Awards, 2018
— Bronze in Graphic Design, Print-Key Art

London International Creative Competition, 2018
— Honourable Mention in Application Design, Professional

DNA Paris Design Awards, 2019
— Honourable Mention in Branding, Graphic Design

豫園 Shanghai Yu Yuan, named after the fabled historic gardens in Shanghai, celebrates Shanghai’s finest culinary traditions with its sophisticated menu and exquisite design, offering diners an elegant gastronomic experience that is a feast for both the eyes and the palate.

Yu Yuan brings to Hong Kong diners the celebrated Shanghai garden’s architectural and artistic characteristics — from Ming and Qing dynasties’ splendor, to modern Chinese and Western glamour — through distilling the garden’s extraordinary landscape and rock sculptures into design elements in the restaurant.

We researched on the original Yu Garden and created a brand that can incorporate the traditional Oriental elements yet giving a modern interpretation. The brand can attract not only local Hong Kongese, but also from a wide age range and multi-nationality who appreciate the sense of beauty.

The logo design is a Chinese calligraphy inspired by the diversity styles of the original Yu Garden. The smooth strokes give an elegant yet playful feeling. For the English typography, we chose a sans serif font that has a bit of an Art Deco feeling to match with the Chinese typography.

We used the copper brown and white colour tone to create a decent and elegant feeling for the brand. A Chinese window grille-like brand pattern is created from the two “Y” of the restaurant name, “Yu Yuan”.

The brand key visual -
"Merriment of Shanghai Yu Yuan 豫園樂聚圖"
New year wood block prints produced right next to the original Yu Garden in Shanghai was definitely one of the most important hand crafts in Shanghai. It was very popular during the 1920s by the simple lines, colourful layouts and being able to reflect different moments at that time. "Carnival in Yu Garden 豫園把戲圖" was one of the wood block prints that best demonstrated the liveliness in Yu Garden. We also created our version of wood block print, wishing everyone who come to our restaurant can enjoy a wonderful time with delicious meal.

The characters we created are used across some other brand items like the restaurant name card and the paper bag. We love the joyful mood in attracting audiences’ attention. The key visual is also appeared as a mural painting in the restaurant, creating a center of attention.

The entrance wall of the restaurant consists of 80 and more wood carving and frames to create a mixture of Oriental and Western style. We painted and installed them piece by piece. The installation gives a classic yet modern feeling in matching with the diversity and variability architectural style of the original Yu Garden.

The partition design is inspired by the notable vase-shaped garden arches from the original Yu Garden. Vase has a peaceful and delightful meaning in traditional Chinese culture. The patterns used are taken from the diverse styles of window grilles in Yu Garden.

Rounded and copper-textured ceiling is inspired by the feng shui principal, Sky is round and ground is flat. While the branches-shaped chandelier, the pine bonsai and Qinglong stones decoration on the tables are mimicking the famous gardening landscape of the original Yu Garden.

Shanghai Yu Yuan
[Distilling the essence of heritage]