Pacers Athletics Club (PAC)
Hong Kong Runners
Over 4,000+ applications received from the 5K challenge. People are attracted by the runners pack and love the overall fresh and young feeling of the 40th Anniversary campaign.
International Design Awards, 2018
— Bronze Award Winner in Graphic Design, Print-Key Art

Pacers Athletics Club is one of the earliest professional running clubs in Hong Kong. They have been training elite runners at the top standards of Hong Kong. In 2018, they were coming to their 40th Anniversary. They were going to hold a series of competitions to celebrate the delightful year.

We helped out in designing the 40th Anniversary logo and also the competitions visuals. We wanted to create a refreshing and joyful look and feel and also to have something rare from the running world; so we suggested to have infographic with simple and bold lines for the style. Each of the competition key visual has a different layout and elements inside but the overall look will be united.

For the key visual, we hope it can be as much universal as possible that audiences from age 3 to age 80, and from different backgrounds can get it. Take the Chinese New Year Run for example, we have different icons and symbols of running and Chinese New Year to illustrate the message. For the title of the Run, we did a little treatment in hiding the "2018" in the title "新春跑 (Chinese New Year Run)" to make it unique for that year only.

We used bright colour tones so the whole brand can be very eye-catching and easy to recognise. We've also created a set of limited edition runner's pack with the blue colour tone of the club.

For the 5K training program leaflet, we've designed it as a calendar style for runners to pin it up on wall and follow the program day by day. And for the medal design, we've put four Chinese characters, "愛 (love)", "跑 (run)", "勇 (brave)" and "戰 (fight)" representing the values of sportsmanship.

Pacers Athletics Club
40th Anniversary
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