Panasonic, Pacers Athletics Club
Hong Kong

Due to the outbreak of the covid 19 in February 2020, the annual inter-school athletics meet was cancelled. It is a top level competition that all Division I students and alumnae are looking forward to participate and watch each year. Panasonic and Pacers Athletics Club wanted to held another athletics meet to keep up students' momentum.

We helped to create the key visual for the event. We are hoping to attract secondary school students' attention by using Japanese animate style. The visual is divided into two sides, one side is home setting and another side is a sports ground setting. The student in the middle is in a running gesture with half pyjamas and half school team uniform, showing the excitement of finally get out of home to run freely in this competition.

We have also thought of a tagline for this event, hoping to recall students' emotions towards the competition. The phrasing is the same style of those school cheering slogans to create the bonding. We used a bold calligraphy style to match with the feeling.

Inter-school Athletics Meet 2020
[The await of excitement]