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The fundraising amount has been increased by +68% compare to the year before. It was also the first time to involve corporates donation in the campaign.

Oxfam Hong Kong is using the same set of visual identity two years in a roll (2014 and 2015).

International Design Awards, 2017
— Honourable Mention in Graphic Design, Print-Posters

DesignRush, 2023
— The Best Non-Profit Print Designs

One and every eight people worldwide suffer from hunger. By advocating the public to have dinner at home and donate the amount of money would have cost if dined out, Oxfam Hong Kong is branding itself as an agency determined to change the world by mobilizing the power of people against poverty. They hold the "Home For Dinner" campaign annually on the World Poverty Day, 17th October.

Our duty was to provide creative and art directions input on the whole campaign. It was only the second year in hosting the event, and most of the Hong Kong people didn't even know the existence of this event. We were facing the lack of publicity, monolingual (Chinese) and failure of delivering the campaign core message resulted from year before. So we aimed at re-introducing the campaign to the public with a clear message. We then came up with an infographic direction as the main key visual.

Audiences will go through a journey in the key visual to understand the essence of the meaningful event. And they will be able to spread the word and influence others in a storytelling way.

To attract to broadest audiences, we used simple and modern icons to illustrate each points. People from any age, gender, nationality or background will be able to understand the key visual. It can bring the event to a next level.

For the background colour, we chose the signature Oxfam brand colours to give a bold, fresh feeling and eye catching at the first sight. It is also good for brand awareness/building. Different brand colours can be used in different media channels.

Oxfam Hong Kong
Home For Dinner Campaign
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