Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China (LegCo)

Back in 2018, we got a chance to help design a souvenir for Legislative Council ("LegCo") for diplomatic usage. Instead of traditional memorial souvenirs, the new design needs to show the characteristics of Hong Kong, and it can hopefully start a good conversation when giving it out to government officials of other countries. Our representatives can explain the details of the souvenir, as well as introducing Hong Kong.

We brainstormed a few different design based on Hong Kong traditional craftsmanship, hoping to promote our little known intangible cultural heritage to the world. LegCo has pick the 10 inches Gangcai porcelain show plate as last.

This Hong Kong-style painted porcelain plate, or "Gangcai" plate, is handcrafted by the first and the only remaining hand-painted porcelain factory in Hong Kong. Established in 1928, the factory has a long history of over nine decades. The design of this plate features a fusion of Chinese and Western cultures. Four drawings epitomizing Hong Kong's characteristics are painted along the rim, artistically depicting the exterior of the LegCo Complex, the scenic view of the Victoria Harbour, local "dim sum" and popular forms of transportation, each separated by a pattern of Bauhinia blakeana (the city flower of Hong Kong) and the LegCo emblem. The centre of the plate is graced with traditional Chinese patterns and decorative motifs.

"Gangcai" is a distinctive handicraft of Hong Kong, showcasing the finest craftsmanship. Experienced artisans exquisitely paint traditional patterns on plain white porcelain. After a delicate firing process, an ordinary porcelain item becomes a unique art piece of everyday life.

We've worked together with the factory to draw this piece of artwork by using traditional techniques. Only 30 plates were produced and each of the plates has hand-painted elements to create the uniqueness.

For the packaging, it is designed with the minimum size yet protective enough for traveling. A collapsible stand is hidden beneath the plate for receivers to well display the plate.

Legislative Council of HKSAR
Gangcai Plate
Diplomatic Souvenir Design
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