DNA Paris Design Awards, 2023
  • — Winner in Graphic Design, Branding
Creative Communication Award, 2023
  • — Best of Best, Brand Identity, Branding
Kyoto Global Design Awards, 2023
  • — Winner in Visual Design
HKDA Brand Design Awards, 2024
  • — Grand Award of the Year, Bedding and Wellness
International Design Awards, 2023
  • — Bronze in Graphic Design, Print-Corporate Identity Rebranding

NakedLab provides products that help create the ultimate comfort environment for our sleep, which makes up for one-third of our lives. The breathable and softness quality of BambooSilk offers an intimate touch to our skin, letting our body and mind to relax and reboot for another new day.

We helped to rebrand NakedLab including rewriting the brand story, define a new brand tagline and create a new visual look and feel to upgrade to a high-end wellness brand. We suggested to change the brand name, from Naked Lab, into one word, NakedLab, for better recognition.

During the rebranding exercises, we discovered what the founder defines as ultimate comfort - walking barefoot at the beach in Maldives. So we tried to bring in the vacation element, and the beach and ocean feeling in visualising relax and recharge, defining what is comfort in NakedLab way. We also suggested a skin colour palette to emphasise how good their products do to our skin. The brand tagline emphasise on the results after using NakedLab products - having a blissful day everyday.

The logo is redesigned to a softer and relax handwriting. For the brand graphic elements, we use an arch shape which looks like a window or a door to bedroom or vacation. We also created a set of hand drawn icons to show different product features and categories. Further brand adaptations e.g. packaging, key visuals, red packets, POSM display... are all expressing the softness and lightness of the brand. We are using FSC certified papers and biodegradable plastic to enhance the natural and organic element. 

[Redefining comfort]