Nan Fung Group,
In Time Of 世界之約
Hong Kong
Kyoto Global Design Awards, 2023
  • — Winner in Visual Design
DNA Paris Design Awards, 2023
  • — Winner in Graphic Design, Key Art (Posters, Covers, Illustration)
International Design Awards, 2022
  • — Honourable Mention in Graphic Design, Print-Posters
  • — Honourable Mention in Graphic Design, Print-Key Art

2022, In Time Of 世界之約 organised a series of activities with a focus on cultivating a food resilient future in our city. ​Events of “In Time Of Food 在地餐桌” include: “TKO Plaza: Food Source and Positive Education”, “The Mills: Food and Community”, “NF Place: Food Culture, Life Science and Art” and “AIRSIDE: Food, Living and Story”, as well as a range of online programmes.

We helped to developed this year round campaign identity as well as the each event and exhibition design.

For the campaign identity, we are hoping to have some texture added to the key visual. We used tearing paper style with natural brushstroke to create some food and utensils to match with the hands on gesture in nurturing and collecting food.

We then placed the food and utensils on coloured papers, symbolising the dining tables. Together, they represent a study of food culture. The overall colour tone is bright and saturated to mimic the original colours of fresh food, bringing out the primitive and rawness of food.

For the campaign typeface, we suggested to follow the In Time Of logo treatment. The rugged edges create a raw feeling and can increase the brand awareness for In Time Of as a whole.

The Mills Farmer’s Market 紗廠農墟

There are crop and farming tool graphics to visualise the farmer's market theme. We used yellow (sun), blue (water) and brown (soil) for the background colours, symbolising the condition of farming. The overall design gives a delightful feeling.

The Ritual of Dining 食器之約

An exhibition about utensils created by local craftsman and artist. It explores the relationship between food producers, the land, and us. We used earth tone for this key visual design, they represent the natural resources we can find to create utensils, such as soil, wood, bamboo... The illustrations on the utensils suggested the rawness of the exhibits.

Food for Soul Read For Stomach 好讀食

A pop up book store that introduces books about local forming and cooking recipes. We created a few books about food as the main graphic. The background colours represents the source of paper and crops, wood and soil.

Halloween Festival: The Lingering Fine Wine

A local beer festival with ghost tour and Uncle Salt’s Court debate during halloween. We created a 'beer ghost' with Shangwan elements collage at the back.

Veggie in Christams 聖誕將軍出菜

An event that celebrate Christmas with positive education and local farming knowledge through board game. The KV is designed in a board game grid. Fruittos and Mui Tao from Sowgood are in different steps, just like playing the board game. There is a Santa Claus in armor outfit, carrying a bamboo tree sword and a broccoli shield, in a running gesture, visualising the theme.

Nan Fung Group
In Time Of Food Campaign Identity
[Embracing rawness and originality]