Good Hope School Past Students Association (GHSPSA)

It came to an occasion to meet Candace, representative of Taiko Sake, and Hiro Yoshikawa, 18th generation of Taiko Sake, where we started planning to create this limited edition sake for Good Hope School Past Students Association.

The packaging design maintain a classic Japanese sake calligraphy style while we wrote the school name “德望“ in our handwriting. We selected a washi paper with chigiri finishing and gold lamination to create a dedicated feeling. “Cheers! かんぱい” In English and Japanese are written on the sealing label emphasising the reason in creating this sake, toast of bonding among the hopers community. The wooden box is made by Japanese kiri wood that gives a natural aroma, leveraging the whole packaging design.

This limited-edition Tokubetsu Junmai is brewed, bottled, packaged and handled in Japan with love and care, and is the ultimate collectible to commemorate comradery.

For the photo shooting, we made a Kowloon Peak landscape at the back as the school is standing high on Kowloon’s verdant slope. Down below there are brushes mimicking the Yamada Nishiki rice field of Taiko Sake. Together it explains the collaboration.

GHSPSA x Taiko Sake
Tokubetsu Junmai
[Lasting the good old days]