Good Hope School Past Students Association (GHSPSA)

The Good Hope School Past Students Association (GHSPSA) is launching their first ever mooncakes to celebrate the bonding among the Good Hope community.

We helped to design the brand identity, the mooncake design and the packaging design. The souvenirs are for recalling the good old days and creating new memories while gatherings.

We designed a logo for all the souvenirs that we are going to launch to create a consistency and hoping to bring out the message of "A celebration of bonding". The logo design is a combination of the shape of an anchor, from the school badge, and a smile, representing good memories. It is in a form of a seal to act as a quality mark.

There are 4 Good Hope branded mini custard mooncakes with different school elements. The four circles of the packaging design echoed with the four mooncakes. The circle on the left with an anchor shape inside is the mooncake and the circle on the right with the Our Lady's Wing is the moon. The circles in between are acting as transitions. The tagline "満心德意望明月" is extended from the circle to bring out the mood of enjoying the mooncakes under the full moon. The overall mood tone gives a warm and classy feeling.

Mooncake Design
[Reconnecting under the moon]
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