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Global Standard Chartered Employees, Friends & Families in 35 Countries
US$76,000 has been raised throughout this one-day campaign. Everyone in the bank and even from the very top of the organisation, Peter Sands, Executive Director and Group Chief Executive, Mike Rees, Deputy Chief Executive, and CEOs from different countries were amazed by making the campaign happen.
International Design Awards, 2017
— Bronze in Graphic Design, Print-Stationery

#LiveYouLegacySCB is one of the projects Standard Chartered is working on since 2014. Client then come up with a Gratitude Exchange Day on 10th December to launch internally and test the reactions of all employees.

Gratitude Exchange Campaign is to give a chance for everyone in the bank to say thank you for those who had helped them. We designed 10 different thank you cards and asked the International Graduates (IG) to sell it on Gratitude Exchange Day. The money raised from the sale will be donated to charity. So the gift of gratitude will also be felt by those in need. The IG will be wearing the Gratitude Exchange tee shirt with a donation tin and walk around the bank. We managed to design, print, production and deliver 20,000 sets of cards and all related materials to all 35 countries around the world within 1.5 months time.

The Gratitude Exchange logo is designed in a heart shape, meaning gratitude obviously. The heart is formed by the letter "G" and "E" which are the initials of Gratitude Exchange. We wanted to create a soft and warm feeling that contrast from the intense and high pressure of the bank environment. We wanted to let people to know that saying a simple thank you give so much power to everything.

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Gratitude Exchange Campaign
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