Malou Ko/
Founder & Creative
"Whether a brand leaves a strong impression to people depends on its ability of communication in all channels. The key to giving people striking impact are uniqueness, finishing and consistency."
Malou is an international award-winning branding designer based in Hong Kong. She started THE CABINET design studio since 2005 where she has worked for more than 130 international and local projects with over 80 clients such as, Standard Chartered, Cathay Pacific, Ralph Lauren, Sheraton, KEF, Hong Kong Jockey Club, PMQ, Oxfam, WWF... which enhance her design skills and mindset.

Throughout the years, she won over 35 international design awards from the League of American Communications Professionals, 11th, 12th and 14th International Design Awards, London International Creative Competition, DNA Paris Design Awards... She has been invited by 99U Local: Hong Kong, General Assembly... to be one of the speakers to share her design experiences, and has invited by the European Cultural Centre to exhibit in Venice Design 2017. Her work has been described as pleasing, delicate and impactful.
Graduated in First Class Honours in Industrial and Product Design in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, School of Design in 2010, Malou has been practising design thinking process and methodologies. On her final year project, she worked on a service and system design project and gained appreciation on her design thinking skills. She has also worked on a co-operative project with MINI Hong Kong on her final year which was a great success and received great appreciation from MINI APAC. She has won the UGC-funded Undergraduate Post-entry Full Scholarship in PolyU by a 4.0 GPA.
In 2011, Malou started to work with E3, a creative agency in Human Resources. Being appointed as the Creative Director at a very young age, she designed her first global campaign with the exposure of 35 countries around the world. The project gained positive feedbacks and she has been working on different employee branding projects since then.
In 2020, Malou established her own lifestyle design brand under the same studio name, THE CABINET, following the belief - bringing wild ideas and smiles into your daily living. She believes "art is daily life, daily life is art". The brand's first release, Wishes Plate, has been featured in Marie Claire, #legend, Art and Piece... and available in Asia Society Hong Kong Center, Joyce, Murray Hotel... in Hong Kong and Japan.
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