Yee On (TMC) Medical Clinic
Hong Kong
International Design Awards, 2022
— Bronze Award Winner in Graphic Design, Print-Collateral Material
— Honourable Mention in Graphic Design, Print-Corporate Identity - Rebranding

Yee On is a Traditional Chinese Medical clinic in Central, Hong Kong. They have been contributing to the society for a long time, providing all kinds of Chinese medical services.

The logo design is inspired by a saying in Chinese, "懸壺濟世". In ancient Chinese, the hulu "葫蘆" absorbs all the bad substances and transform into good ones. It just like what a Chinese doctor does, helping people to heal. We used the gourd shape to design the logo with the brand name in it, embedding the motto into the logo.

We chose the burgundy colour for the brand to give a feminine and dynamic feeling. The red colour tone also symbolising the qi and blood, "氣血", the most important element to create a living being.

The typography and graphic treatment give the whole brand a modern and delicated feeling.

For the red packets, it is inspired by the Chinese Medical scale. We mimicked the Chinese word “福”, lucky, from the scale, symbolising a unique wishing from Yee On. The graphic is then specially printed to create a felt effect, giving a heartfelt feeling to receivers.
Yee On
[A hulu transformation]