Standard Chartered Global,
Global University Graduates in 35 countries of Standard Chartered footprint
The quality of applicants has improved and more potential talents applied Standard Chartered.

Standard Chartered was using this set of key visual 4 years in a roll (2012-2016).

We created the Standard Chartered ExploreYou campaign since 2012 with a great success. The bank were receiving over 85,000 graduate applications for their International Graduate Programme. But while quantity was high, quality wasn't great. We've been on a journey with Standard Chartered to redefine their approach in attracting graduates. Every year we challenge ourselves to raise the game on how we engage students.

We discovered the insight through talking to different students around the world. We learnt that the campaign launched before were attractive but know don't know which division of the bank should they apply. They do not know what it suitable for them. Therefore, the new phase of ExploreYou is to bring perspective to graduates, give clear information on each division and guide them to apply the dream job they really want.

Within the same visual identity we created two years ago for the ExploreYou campaign, we level up the visual by adding perspectives to the graphics.

We also created a folder pack that includes the seven leaflets for seven divisions. Each of them described in details what the division is, the work scope, timeline, countries that have this division opened... Graduates can get the pack, spread out each leaflet and compare them side-by-side. The folder is designed in high flexibility. Not every country opened all seven divisions so each country can prepare which leaflets to slip into the pack.

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