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Global Employees in 35 countries of Standard Chartered footprint
The workshop was a great success, attendees were mind blown by the new way of thinking. They brought back the new theory to their own countries and train the teammates.

After the workshop, Standard Chartered would like to develop the campaign in long term that led to the creation of a physical Design Lab in Chennai, India, the year after.

In 2014, Standard Chartered HRSSC team holds a Design Lab workshop in Singapore, marking the start of the Design Lab campaign. Letting HR team to learn design thinking can open their unknown creativity, emerge to users' mindset to improve daily work. The workshop was in 3 days and there are 25 Standard Chartered leaders from 9 countries around the world. There needed to complete 3 design challenges throughout the workshop.

We designed the visual identity for the campaign. We used paintbrush style background to show the creativity and mind-blowing elements. We used a pencil graphic to represent Design Lab as "every great ideas start with a sketch".

We mixed with brushstroke hand writing text with the corporate Standard Chartered font to balance design and business. We created some designer quotes in different typography style to decorate the event.

We also created a souvenir kit for them to emerge into designer's mind. The kit set contains a "I'm designer" tee shirt that they will wear during the event, a moleskin notebook for sketching, Change By Design book for their inspiration, pens and a "Everything is impossible until it isn't" tote bag to carry all these amazing designer tools.

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