Good Hope School Hazel House
Good Hope School Students & Teachers

Good Hope School has six different houses. Students and teachers will be representing their own houses to compete in different internal sports event.

We created a mascot, Little Haze, for the sports event. He is an innocent kids that role played into different characters each year. The house he is representing, Hazel House, has the main colour as yellow.

Little Haze acts as the prince charming during 1-2 years old.

He is a pirate when he is 5 years old.

He role played the tribe during 7 years old.

And on 8 years old onwards, Little Haze is going to perform in all different kinds of sports. We have the ‘Hazel sports team’ as concept and all uniforms are in Hazel House yellow tone with lovely gestures.

Good Hope School Hazel House
Little Haze
[Friendly for all]