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The New Year Concert is a tradition annual event of the school. Their renowned choir and orchestra members will be performing in the concert. Their theme of 2018 is "Mélomanie". This is also one of the fundraising events of the InterMission: Delia's Wing Revitalised campaign that ran through from 2017-2019.

Mélomanie is a French word which means an abnormal attraction to music and melody. The design concept is a little wild to match with the meaning. We have a student wearing the identical signature choir and orchestra yellow sweater shaking her head at the back as the main visual to show she is crazy in love with music. She is holding a conductor baton to indicate that she is constructing a group of choir or orchestra members to perform together. In terms of the typography, we used a hand written font for "Mélomanie" and some of the keywords to show the crazy and expressive feeling. Other that these wild elements, the whole poster is using a modern and calm sans serif font to balance the overall look and feel.

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Mélomanie New Year
Concert 2018
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