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Chinese New Year is a tradition to meet friends and families and greet them in a good start of the year. It is also a great chance to learn from the elder ones.

We invited four different influential Good Hope School past students to design a set of limited edition red packets with positive messages to the Good Hope community. There is an outlined school building at the background of the red packets to form a set. All of them share the charitable experiences at the back of the red packets to show their giving culture. We hope to spread the gratitude atmosphere through sending out and receiving the red packets, to educate young Good Hopers and re-engage the past students.

The four successful Good Hope representatives are:

  • Charlie Young
    Famous Hong Kong movie actress & director / fashion stylist
  • Ranee K
    Noted Hong Kong fashion designer / founder of ranee_k
  • Christy Yiu Kit-Ching
    Hong Kong marathon representative of Rio Olympic 2016 / 7 Hong Kong athletics record holder
  • Cheronna Ng
    Hong Kong singer / a member of Super Girls

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