Global Clients of E3

E3, a human resources creative agency was going to have a relaunch party with the new brand in the start of 2015. It is a great chance to reconnect with all their clients and relaunch their new brand.

We helped to design the visual identity for the brand, together with the relaunch party. The scribble is designed as the brand elements. It symbolised the design thinking process and the working style of E3: provoking and passionate.

The circle of the logo used the same style to unite with the scribble. The circle also means a choice, the behaviour when people make up their minds and choose confidently, they circle the answer for a few times.

On the souvenirs pack, we selected the best souvenirs to suit the new E3 brand, they are:

A drawstring bag with "WAKE UP. KICK ASS. REPEAT."
A Chinese calligraphy pen and a pen pocket
A small notebook with "There is no great genius without a touch of madness."
A can of "Go nuts!" nuts

We also designed some small items to touch up the food. We thought of 3 special cocktails, napkins and food flags. For the team uniform, instead of standard normal team tee, we used the scribble to silkscreen on fashion items that each of the team member can wear.

Rebrand & Relaunch party
[Crazy meets crazy]