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Client is doing the award half-yearly since the award first launched, four years in a roll. Hundreds more nominations are being received for this Staff Awards Programme. People are engaged and more productive, and most important, they can see a career path and full understand their responsibilities.

Cathay Pacific launched the 20/20 Vision campaign to engage engineers. Together with the campaign, they wanted to create specific awards for engineering department. The awards recognise engineers in fulfilling different guidelines in the 20/20 Vision campaign.

The awards include:

Innovation Award
High Performing Partner Award
People & Partnerships Award
Emerging Talent Award
Unsung Hero Award
20/20 Vision Award
Process Improvement Award

We helped to create the award related material based on the visual identity we designed for 20/20 Vision campaign. Again, we speak engineer's language to engineers. Instead of traditional crystal made trophies that everyone will bring it home and hide it somewhere, we designed a set of small resin trophies that can be placed on their tables or computers in their office. Winners are therefore truly being credited. The trophies are more like a collectable where it can engage engineers to win the trophy back one by one, and collect the whole set, more like the behaviour of playing computer games.

Each winner is going to receive a special lanyard so they can replace it with the standard staff lanyard when they go to work everyday. The concept is like the commendation bar or medals in an army / police force.

We also designed the medal, letter of recognition and the hall of fame large backdrop to make sure the winners are being recognised inside Cathay City.

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