Malou Ko/
Founder & Creative
Malou was graduated in First Class Honours in Industrial and Product Design in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, School of Design in 2010. She started THE CABINET when she was a design student. Over the years, she has been working on different international and local design projects with over 80 clients and 120 projects such as MINI Hong Kong, Standard Chartered, Cathay Pacific, Ralph Lauren, KEF, Oxfam, WWF, PMQ... which enhance her design skills and mind in different fields. By approaching to different clients, she has extensive knowledge and methodologies in generating innovative ideas to actual solutions.

In 2011, Malou started to work with E3, an creative agency in HR. Being appointed as the Creative Director at the age of 25, she designed her first global campaign with the exposure of 35 countries around the world. She has been working on different employee branding projects from global to regional by maintaining the quality of work.

Malou won the UGC-funded Undergraduate Post-entry Full Scholarship in PolyU and several design awards like the Only Platinum Award in Print Category (2016), Only Gold Award in Educational Category (2013), Top 20 Chinese Annual Reports (2013) in Vision Awards Annual Report Competitions, League of American Communications Professionals... She has also been invited by 99U Local: Hong Kong, General Assembly... to be one of the speakers to share her design experiences, and has invited by the European Cultural Centre (ECC) to participate in Venice Design 2017. Her work has been described as pleasing, delicate and impactful.

"Design is to plan and create. Without 'create', you are a developer. Without 'plan',
you are an artist."

Mr. Alan Lee/
Mr. Alan Lee/
Honary Adviser
The late Mr. Alan Lee had been a great art teacher in Good Hope School to inspire Malou in her art and design studies. He gave students an introduction on different design disciplines in his teaching in order to give a clear big picture for students to go for their dreams. His prospective mindset, unforgettable mottos and the passion in art and design education had been influencing Malou on her career path and also giving back to the school by using her design expertise.

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Danica May Fong/
Garett Wong/
3D Renderer
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Jess Lau/
Graphic Designer
U Tang/
Freelance Designer
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Product Designer
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Graphic Designer