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Hong Kong

HK Tissue is a made in Hong Kong tissue paper brand. They have standard tissue, hohk, and bamboo tissue, Booz, under the brand.

We wanted to create a logo that is easy to recognise from different age range and can be relatable for Hong Kong people. We designed a logo that blends in with the brand name altogether. When you see the top half of the logo, you can see the letter "HK" with a mountain shape. It represents the landscape in Hong Kong, 75% area in Hong Kong are mountains. And when you see the lower half of the logo, you can see a tissue paper comes out from a box tissue. The turquoise colour gives a environmental yet innovative element to the brand. The overall feeling of the logo is clean, friendly and trustful.

Based on the friendly and welcoming brand tone, we created posts and banners for Facebook and Instagram platform in graphic and illustration style.

HK Tissue
Logo Design
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