The University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong
DNA Paris Design Awards, 2023
  • — Winner in Graphic Design, Key Art (Posters, Covers, Illustration)
Creative Communication Award, 2023
  • — Best of Best, Printed Annual Reports
Vision Awards Annual Report Competition, League of American Communications Professionals (LACP), 2022
  • — Platinum in Educational
ARC Awards International 37th, 2023
  • — Gold in Non-Profit Organization (Print A.R.)
  • — Gold in Printing & Production
  • — Honours in Cover Photo/Design
  • — Honours in Infographics
  • — Honours in Non-Profit Organization (Online A.R.)
International Design Awards, 2023
  • — Gold in Graphic Design, Print-Annual Reports
The International Annual Report Design Awards, 2023
  • — Silver in Integrated Presentation

For HKU's 111th Anniversary celebrations in 2022, we designed a suite of publications comprising their Annual Report, Financial Report and the First and Foremost brochure. To enhance the premium feel of the HKU brand and the anniversary, we used gold as the core colour, and added white and silver.

The ascending lines convey a sense motion, advancement, and of moving above and beyond, which was a theme of the celebrations. Stylised landscapes recall different aspects of the campus. The signature HKU Main Building is placed in the centre to highlight the origins of the institution. The overall style creates a contemporary, prestigious and optimistic feeling.

The University of Hong Kong
Annual Report 2022-23 Design
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